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Dr Nicholas Antonakopoulos

Dr Antonakopoulos studied at the University of London and trained in trauma and orthopaedic surgery before becoming a GP.

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Accreditations: MBBS, BSc

Specialist area: GP

Background: “I’m Dr Nick Antonakopoulos and I work as an online doctor for Superdrug Online Doctor. I graduated from the University of London in 2006 and did my postgraduate training in hospitals around London.

I initially trained for 4 years in trauma and orthopaedic surgery before training to become a GP. I’ve been working for Superdrug Online Doctor since 2018 and I still work part time as a GP for the NHS too.”

Why Superdrug Online Doctor?

“Desire to make healthcare more accessible using innovative technologies”

Hobbies and interests: “Football, Basketball, Boxing, Hiking”